About LHX

The LHX (P)retargeting system anonymously collects and analyzes the behavior of internet users. With the help of that data LHX is constantly learning. The system uses that knowledge to inject advertisement that is tailored towards the individual interests and preferences of the users. Of course, there is no negative impact on the surfing experience.

Smart and self-learning

The LHX system is self-learning and creates correlations between user behavior and browsing patterns that no human brain could process. Advertisement from renowned international advertisers and advertising networks are then presented to users via our partner publishers. And that´s not all: LHX learns from the user interaction with the ads and optimizes individually for each user.

Your benefits

Provison based

We deliver performance! You only pay for results!

Easy integration

Use your established affiliate campaigns and technologies to deliver your ads with the LHX system.

Time- and costeffective

LHX is using revolutionary, IT driven marketing strategies. Winning new customers has never been so easy.