Leadhaber Partners

Already there are lots of active publishers out there who benefit from the Leadhaber advertising system. Becoming a partner is easy. Contact us with information about your project, your content domain and traffic volume and we can create a customized ad package for your site. Integrating our advertising code snippet is super easy. Our support will guide you through the process so you can start earning right away. DonĀ“t worry, there are no upfront costs as we work on a 100% provision basis.

Leadhaber is successfully working with thousands of international advertising compains in all kinds of market segments. Fashion, travel, consumer electronics and telecommunication are only a few examples in our advertisement portfolio. That is why we can create the perfect marketing mix for our partners. With the help of our highly content driven user targeting, we can add value to a website with interesting ads instead of driving users away with annoying and irrelevant ads.