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Perfect Placement for your Display Ads

Online businesses face two great challenges. They need to reach out to new customers as well as to convert their traffic into conversions. We have one solution to reduce bounce rates and generate new customers at the same time:
The LHX (P)retargeting system.

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User Data

Get to know your customers with the help of LHX user tracking algorithms. Our system enables you to know exactly what your prospective customers are interested in.

LHX (P)retargeting

Know what your customers want before they do and generate sales with the amazing LHX pretargeting technology. You also might want to stay in touch with the help of LHX retargeting ad mechanisms.


Start increasing your traffic and push your conversions rates through the roof. With our provision-based pricing model small businesses and international players can benefit from teaming up with Leadhaber.

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Make money with Leadhaber

Make the most
out of your traffic.

Many internet entrepreneurs don´t realize how much potential lies within their traffic. Don´t miss out on amazing advertising opportunities. Become a Leadhaber partner and multiply your ad revenue now!

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Easy integration

It´s super simple to implement LHX into your web project. It only takes you five minutes to make your project successful.

Full Service Partnership

We work with a wide range of Internet Entrepreneurs, helping them to monetize their traffic. Benefit from our experience and become part of a strong alliance.


Increase your ad revenue from the start. There is no investment or risk on your side. We only make money if you do so we we will do our very best to turn your traffic into profit.